Wind Dance

OPEN YOUR HEART to the Sacred through self-inquiry, Native American spirituality, shamanic journeywork, ceremony and soul collage. Each of these tools is a doorway to help you to listen to the guidance of your Soul, and to access your True Nature. They support your learning to use whatever arises in your life in the service of deepening your relationship to the essential beauty and truth of who you truly are. They also guide your movement towards greater intimacy and self-love. These spiritual practices nourish your spirit's natural organic movement towards healing and aliveness.

THE INTENTION of Giving Spirit Form is to create a healing community based on the principles of Native American spirituality. In the Lakota way of life, this community is called Tiospaye (extended family). It is grounded in the spiritual truth that we are all related.

THE PURPOSE is to cultivate each person's ability to live in alignment with their Soul's unfolding and potential. This requires a commitment to the truth and a willingness to examine one's interpretations and beliefs about reality based on personal history, and a letting go of judgement and blame in order to develop the capacity to relax, open, and freshly meet whatever is arising in the present moment.

THE WORK is to identify and soften the habitual defense structures which keep us stuck in contraction and separate us from ourselves and one another. This work requires courage and a deep commitment to know the truth of who you truly are.
It necessitates letting go of one's attachment to the inner critic and practicing love and acceptance.

Rick Thomas, Santee Sioux Tribe, Nebraska

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