"I believe that there is a true place in each of us. A quiet, authentic and glowing energy that forms the foundation for all that we experience when we love and are loved. Ellen Fishburn's extraordinary gift is her ability to maintain direct loving contact with the place within us that loves. Whether it is in a one-on-one counseling session, a session with a partner or spouse or in group work, Ellen's capacity to hold each human being as a spark of the Divine while gently and firmly guiding us back to a full and complete connection with our truest self is exquisite. Ellen's one-on-one counseling has reconnected me to that which I thought I had lost as a boy - feelings of joy and freedom. Her guidance in my primary relationship has helped me to develop the capacity to see and experience the opportunities presented to me to love fully and without condition. And I have come to find myself in loving community by virtue of Ellen's shamanic circles.
     Ellen Fishburn is a leader, a teacher, a healer and an extraordinary human being. I am forever changed and constantly blessed to have experienced her loving presence in my life and in the life of my family"

Neil Olson, Professional Coach and Lawyer

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     "I have been deeply impressed and inspired by the sincere dedication Ellen Fishburn brings to her work. She helps people deepen their faith and strengthen their vision. Using a unique blend of spiritual and psychological guidance, she makes conscious the relationship with Spirit. She enables clients and group members to engage in spiritual inquiry and personal enrichment -- not only as individuals but also as an integral component of who we are together in community."
Jett Psaris, Ph.D. co-author of Undefended Love

      "I am a fifty-six-year-old retired investment banker from New York City, and have been working with Ellen for the past four years. Her careful yet firm approach to supporting my personal growth is very unique and extremely effective for me. She has helped me to identify and to hone in on my habitual defense mechanism at the earliest stage of our journey together, and enabled me to launch into my practice of staying present. I now have recovered my heart feelings and been able to experience Life more directly rather than 'neatly' contained within my strategic mind. Life gives me much more impact with vivid colors and textures producing crisp and clear sensations. It's very exciting, and I know that there's no way going back to where I was. Working with Ellen to me is the surest way to transformation! I recommend her to anyone who is keen to live with full capacity forever!"
Tatsuo Okaya
Geyserville, California

     "Working with Ellen Fishburn and Giving Spirit Form Circles is powerful, incisive and profound work.
     Powerful: a year's work with Ellen moved me faster than five years of psychotherapy. Insights and integrating them are swift. Ellen clearly has done and continues to do her own work, so I benefit directly from her explorations and courage.
     Incisive: the work cuts to the bone. It got me to drop the old stories, the beliefs about who I am...in exchange for discovering myself.
     Profound: letting go of habit has opened me to a freedom I never thought possible - from fear, worry, anger, and constrictions - to the possibility of love and the most precious treasure of all - my essential self."

Judy Walthers von Alten, Writer, Editor and Mother

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     "I participated in Ellen Fishburn's "Giving Spirit Form" for two consecutive years. It is among the most powerful and useful self-inquiry work I have ever done. The way Ellen combines Native American traditions and teachings with Western psychology enables me to truly understand the difference between my personality and my true essence or authentic self. The insights I gained through working with Ellen became the foundation for quitting a job I wasn't passionate about, starting a successful business (which I love!) and having greatly improved relationships, especially with myself. Ellen is a gifted leader, teacher and mentor who truly cares about her students and her community. I consider myself blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her."
Michelle Schubnel, Personal Coach

     "If alchemy is turning lead into gold, then I have become an alchemist, stirring the depths of myself and brewing not a new me, but the true me. This is one of the countless gifts I take away from three years in Giving Spirit Form circles with Ellen. I am gold. I am truth. I am love. I am spirit. I am light. I am direct experience unfolding along a path never before taken. I am so grateful."
John Bowman, Director of Marketing and Communications at John F Kennedy University

     "Ellen is a gifted healer, teacher and spiritual leader. She is dedicated to her own unfoldment and courageously walks her talk. Through her loving presence, skill and attention, she invites her students and clients to drop into the truth of who they are and rejoice in their experience."
Barbara Reiner, Spiritual Awareness Counselor

     "In writing this testimonial, I realize, what can I say about an individual that helped me find my path to walk in this life, both physically and spiritually? The process was transforming. Ellen's patience and kindness, complimented with her ability to guide me towards curiosity and awareness, was incredible. Basically, I did the work of exploration, but Ellen was there with every step, supporting, asking the right questions and checking in. Her ability to connect my journey to my relationship with Spirit has been an enduring gift. I would have to say her approach and methodology is unique. She helped me to see and let go of the self critic along with the mental beliefs and assumptions that were holding me back. In the Giving Spirit Form circles , it is powerful to be witnessed and supported by others through the process of growing individually and as a community. Ellen is a gifted healer, teacher, spiritual leader and guide. I leave you with a Seneca Proverb - "He who would do great things should not attempt them all alone."
Karla Campbell, Life Coach

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